About Us

During the pre-independence period, the urge for gold jewellery within people was unlimited and women would still beautify themselves with the limited designs of gold jewellery available then. In such times Mr. Gulabchand, the founder of Inder Jewellery saw potential in the gold jewellery business and started his journey with small store, then unnamed. He would take orders from customer and would get it made from gold smiths and sold it to them. The concept of showroom was not known to people then.

As years passed by, Mr. Bhawarilal, son of Mr. Gulabchand, followed the footsteps of his father and continued this business. As time passed, he realized that people recognized the quality and purity of gold and that became an important factor of sales, that is when he concentrated on the quality and purity of the gold and the jewellery he manufactured and this went on like a fire within Bangalore and Northern districts of Bangalore. People came to him for the genuine quality of the gold jewellery and people would advertize for him as word of mouth. That’s where he named the store as Inder Jewellery ( named after his 1st Son Mr. Inderchand ).

To continue the league, Mr. Inderchand joined the business and he was firm on following the principles laid down by his grandfather and his father. The trends changed and that’s when the 1st showroom of entire Northern Bangalore was established, as Inder Jewellery. It was the 1st Air conditioned showroom which display more design of gold jewellery and silverware from Karwar to Coimbatore, Bombay to traditional handmade jewellery keeping the most important principles of Inder Jewellery set by Mr.Bhawarilal. He introduced more and more designs with highest purity and quality. He mastered the art of selling and came to be known as the best salesman in the industry in Bangalore.

In 2009, Mr.Inder Chand’s Son Mr. Ashish Saklecha a MBA graduate from Australia joined the traditional family business. He realized that Inder Jewellery has a lot of potential for further growth, but due to operational and process bottlenecks the business was not expanding as it should have been. He introduced new methods and technology of management and process standardization and expanded the store size from 150 sq.ft to 1000 sq.ft showroom. He brought in man power and trained them to follow the traditional principle of Inder Jewellery. He focused on more innovative designs and gave importance on the finishing of the gold jewellery. He also introduced diamond jewellery to the company and also started the most beneficial Golden Tree Saving Plan.

It is a customer beneficiary saving plan that allows the customer to save and benefit from month on month. All of the changes brought in by Mr. Ashish have been surrounding the very principles and standards set by his great grandfather Mr.GulabChand. Today Inder Jewellery is one of the leading jewellery stores with its traditional family name and quality and purity of gold.