Golden Tree

In the year 1990 the price of 24kt gold was around Rs 320/- per gram and today, in year 2013, just after two decades, the prices of gold has increased by 10 folds, touching to Rs 3200/- per gram, and looking at the past scenario, we may predict that gold prices may only increase, and in such uncertain times, it becomes very difficult for a common man to buy gold for his family.

We, at Inder Jewellery, understand a common man’s problem and for that we have introduced a smart, secure and very beneficial gold investment saving plans, called as INDER GOLDEN TREE, where one can sow seeds for their future and reap golden fruits from it.

These investment saving plans has been carefully designed keeping a customer in mind and how can one benefit the most from it.

We focused on things like volatile gold prices, return on investment, and marriages of our children, women with an obsession for gold and financial security for the investor.

Different types of Inder golden tree gold investment saving plans are: