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Terms & Conditions

1. Monthly installments must be paid for 15 months and only 1 installment will be accepted in a month.
2. Monthly installment should be paid on or before the 7th of every month. The installment cannot be carried over or paid in advance.
3. This is an online saving plan and the payments are recommended to be paid online, however if a member wishes to pay his installment at the store, he can. It will take at least 2 working days to update his payment into his online account.
4. For any payments made towards your online saving plan, a reference number must be entered. This reference number will be generated after you have remitted the amount from your bank into Inder Jewellery’s bank account. No payments will be accepted if the reference number has not been entered into the online savings account. To know more how to make a payment please refer (how do I make a payment?).
5. Outstation cheques and credit/debit cards are not accepted under any circumstances.
6. If any payment made through cheque at the store and is dishonored, then relevant bank charges will be collected from the customer and only cash will be accepted against the dishonored cheques.
7. Defaults in payments will automatically extend the maturity date by the number of months defaulted.
8. Cash will not be refunded under any circumstances.
9. The member is entitled to redeem the equivalent total amount/weight of gold that is credited to his/her account on completion of 30 days from the last installment paid and should be redeemed in full. No part purchase will be allowed for the saving plan.
10. Gold bullion, gold coins and gold jewellery can be redeemed after completion of your saving plan. The customer is entitled for No making charge and no wastage up to 18% in total for their completed saving plan. The jewellery selected by the customer has any wastage and making charges exceeds 18% in total, then the difference of the wastage and making charges must be paid by the customer. Also if the jewellery selected by the customer bares stone charges or any other charges then the customer must pay them in full.
11. Diamonds, uncut diamonds and platinuim jewellery are not included in this plan, and full cost of wastage and making charges and any other charges will be borne by the member as applicable at the time of maturity/redemption.
12. If the gold jewellery bought by the customer exceeds the amount/gold weight accumulated in the plan, the difference amount with wastage and making charge in total on the excess gold weight has to be paid by the member on the current board rate.
13. If the gold jewellery bought by the customer has higher than 18 % wastage and making charge in total, then the difference between the actual wastage and making charge in total of the jewellery and the entitled No wastage and no making charge in total (i.e.) 18 %, must be paid by the member.
14. If the gold jewellery bought by the member has less than 18 % wastage and making charges in total, the member is not entitled for difference in wastage and making charge value.
15. If there is discontinuation or pre-closure of the saving plan, the member is not entitled for benefits of no wastage no making charge in total for their accumulated weight of gold or amount. The actual value paid in rupees/weight will be adjusted towards the purchase of jewellery.
16. In the amount based saving plan, on completion of the saving plan, the accumulated amount will be converted into equivalent weight of gold based on the current board rate on the day of redemption.
17. The gold rates specified by Inder jewellery are final and are based on the local bullion markets. Under any circumstances Inder Jewellery will not entertain other jewellers’ or newspapers or any other institutions’ rates for comparison. Member must transfer their amounts based on the gold rates displayed on the Inder Jewellery’s website. Only then the payments will be accepted and updated into your saving plan account.
18. This gold saving plan is unique and will not be linked to any other offers or promotions.
19. All type of local taxes and Value Added Taxes are applicable on the entire bill value and must be borne by the member only.
20. It is at the sole discretion of the company to alter, amend, modify, add or delete any of the terms and conditions from time to time as felt necessary.
21. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the contempt courts of Bangalore.
22. Wastage and making charges in total refers to the wastage in percentage and making charges in amounts together converted in single percentage value.